Can not login, Forget login page name.

If you install this plugin, and returns the management page 404 error for access (/wp-admin/) to from the PC you are not logged in. In such a case, please log in. If the state you are logged in, log out, please login again.

Also, when you install this plugin, the login URL is changed. URL for the new login page, you can find in the following way.

  1. From Version 1.1.0, the URL of the new login page, the plugin informed administrators by e-mail. Please look for an email with Subject “WordPress: Login page URL was changed”.
  2. If the link of “Log in”, “Log out” is present in the TOP page of the site, please click on the link.
  3. When you open the .htaccess file in your WordPress installation directory, offers the following description.
     RewriteRule ^login_xxxxx(.*) $ wp-login.php$1 [L]

    Is the URL for the new login page part of login_xxxxx in this

Even taking into account the above, if you can’t log in the cause, please remove this plugin in the following procedure.
Version 1.2.2 and later, performing the step 1, will disable the “Admin Page IP Filter” and “Rename Login” functions. Before proceeding to the step 2, please try to access several times to /wp-login.php

  1. Please remove the following part of .htaccess in the WordPress install directory.
  2. Please delete the whole “siteguard” directory from the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.

Admin Page IP Filter or Rename Login does not work.

If the Web server is not Apache or “mod_rewrite” is not loaded, these 2 functions does not work.
Please contact the server manager and ask the load of “mod_rewrite.”

A part of the WordPress functions are suspended.

Disable Admin Page IP Filter function and try again. If it enables the function, Admin Page IP Filter is the cause.
It the URL (wp-admin/? ) is known, add it to the excluded path of Admin Page IP Filter. If the URL is unknown, disable the function.

How is the number of characters of CAPTCHA changed?

The number of characters of CAPTCHA is fixed to 4 characters. It is unchangeable.

How is the error message at the login failure changed?

The error messages at the login failure, login lock, and first failure of the fail once are fixed. They are unchangeable.

Your access is locked without login failure.

The login lock locks your access based on the connection source IP address.

If the accesses from companies, schools, and so on use a proxy server, all accesses using the proxy server have the same connection source IP address. If the number of login failure of the users using the proxy server exceeds the specified number, the login lock occurs and the users using the same proxy server cannot login.
If such login lock often occurs, try to decrease the determination period or increase the number.

What does the Fail once function mean?

Password list attack is the illegal login attempt attack using the combination of the user name and password illegally obtained from other services.
Different from the brute force attack which attempts the illegal login changing passwords one by one for one user name, there are many cases in which the login succeeds when one password for one user name is attempted. Such attack cannot be prevented only with the detection of the sequence of login failure.
The fail once can show that an attack may fail because once the correct login attempt fails. The function does not allow the login without 5 second interval if the combination of the same user name and password is attempted consecutively 2 times.
This function seems to need much effort, but both the input of CAPTCHA and the 2-step authentication are small efforts and they are equal.

IOS or Android apps(WordPress) are no longer available

Please disable the login CAPTCHA and Fail once. *from version 1.2.0, you can now also be used to enable these.

Function that was to ON, was unawares become OFF

“Admin Page IP Filter”, “Rename Login”, and “WAF tuning support”, has achieved a part of the function by setting the .htaccess. If you delete the .htaccess file or that portion of the .htaccess is deleted, it will not operate normally. In the version of Version1.2.2 later, so as not to be in this state, there is no relevant portion of the .htaccess, the function has been turned OFF, automatically.